• Why Choose Us?

Ask Yourself

  • Do you want to equip rooms
    with video systems? Would it
    save you time and resources
    if those video systems came
    preconfigured to a cloud service
    where they automatically
    provision and update
    themselves, receive directory
    entries, and can place and
    receive calls through firewalls?
  • Do you want a single solution
    that can be used across room
    video systems, laptops, tablets,
    and smartphones and that
    offers a consistent, intuitive
    user experience?
  • Would you like to have a way to
    call people by name directly,
    rather than having to meet in
    a virtual meeting room that
    requires long, numerical dial
    strings and access codes?
  • Would you like the flexibility
    to build group meetings
    dynamically by simply
    adding people to a call from a
    presence-enabled directory?

Consider This

The Connected Experience

With Lifesize, virtual meeting rooms are just the beginning; Lifesize offers a
connected experience to anyone, on any device. The connected experience
means that you get a presence-enabled directory for direct dialing, instant
or scheduled “meet-me” meetings, and individual or group calling up to 25
participants on all of your devices from the meeting room to the desktop and on
the go. We even include local voice numbers for over 30 countries! Better yet,
when someone calls you, all of your devices will ring at the same time, letting
you choose how you want to answer the call.

Everyone gets the same consistent, intuitive experience from any device, be it
the smartphone in your pocket, the laptop at your desk, or the video system in
the meeting room—and all at the highest quality.

Award-Winning Video Systems

Did you say video system? Yes, but not just any video system. Lifesize® Icon™
is the easiest-to-use HD video conferencing system on the planet. Period. It’s
built on 11 years of unrelenting innovation. From the simple, intuitive remote
to the icon-based menu to the click-to-call directory, Lifesize Icon delivers a
connected experience unlike any other. Lifesize Icon is an ideal fit for multiple
deployments, from the office to the huddle room to the boardroom. Lifesize Icon
comes with Lifesize® Cloud software preinstalled and can be set up and paired to
the service in minutes with no training
whatsoever. Try it yourself and we
think you’ll agree—Lifesize Icon is the
easiest-to-use HD video conferencing
system on the planet.

All Inclusive

All of our features come standard in
Lifesize Cloud—including support.
There are no add-ons to buy,
premium options, or hidden costs.
Moreover, you don’t have to spend
time calculating in advance how many
group calls you may have at any given
time. All you have to know is how many
people you have on your team and
how many rooms you want to equip
with video conferencing. It’s that easy.
When your need grows, you simply
add more users. You’ll never run out of
resources because Lifesize manages
them for you.


Aren’t you tired of long, numerical
dial strings; automated voice
prompts; meeting IDs; access codes;
and waiting in a virtual meeting room
for others to join? At Lifesize, we are.
We knew there was a better way to
collaborate over video just the way
you would in real life, and that’s how
we built Lifesize Cloud.

We don’t constrain you with all the
steps it usually takes to schedule a
meeting. Simply call who you want,
when you want, how you want—and
connect instantly. Isn’t it better than
receiving an invitation, retrieving it, and dialing a long, numerical dial
string at the prescribed time—and
then waiting for the meeting to
begin? We think it is, but because
we’re so flexible, we also offer a quick
and easy way to schedule meetings
in a virtual meeting room.

Teams want to work together in a
meeting room, and yes, you can use
any third-party meeting room video
system to call into a Blue Jeans
meeting, but you have to separately
manage and integrate video systems.
This is more work to deploy and
manage and still results in an inferior,
disjointed user experience.

Lifesize Cloud seamlessly integrates
Lifesize Icon room video systems,
which offer exclusive capabilities like
automatic configuration, a shared
directory, and automatic software

When connecting room video
systems to a cloud video
conferencing service, you should
look for a solution where the two
are designed to seamlessly work
together. Lifesize Cloud is the only
video conferencing cloud service
offering a connected experience that
includes the meeting room.


Only Lifesize delivers an end-to-end cloud-based video conferencing service that’s as easy, as lifelike, and as
remarkable as meeting in person. Lifesize Cloud delivers a connected experience to anyone, on any device,
including the meeting room. With Lifesize, everything is plug and play, even firewall traversal, business-class
security and data encryption, and local dial-in phone numbers in 30+ countries so that customers don’t even
need an IT administrator. Lifesize Cloud is simple and easy to buy, with flexible subscription plans that give
teams room to grow at a value that fits their budgets. Best of all, it offers simple payment options to equip
meeting rooms with Lifesize Icon room video systems so that everyone can enjoy the connected experience.


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