How Much Does it Cost?

Cost-effective, high-performance video conferencing

Lifesize has a bundle that’s right for your business

The cost of purchasing your video conferencing solution is definitely not as expensive as you think. Especially with Lifesize. We offer a full range of video conferencing solutions that provide your business the ultimate performance you need and the flexibility to scale without thinking twice.

  • Up to 10,000 Lifesize Cloud users
    Annual subscription plans from $25 per user, per month.*
  • Lifesize Cloud tailored to your company
    Plans available starting at just 25 users.
  • Lifesize on-premise solutions sized right for your business
    Solution bundles delivered in small, medium and large.
  • Software only or preconfigured servers
    Choose the exact Lifesize on-premise solution you need.
  • Invest in infinite scalability
    Make sure your investment in video conferencing can adapt to your company rather than your company needing to adapt to it. Protect your investment by choosing technology that doesn’t become obsolete as your needs change or your organization grows.

* Video conferencing pricing varies locally. Please call for prices specific to your region.

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